QBF rubber Development History

Concentrate on innovation and breakthrough, forge ahead to lead the future


Brand Upgrading

  • 2023

    China's first million-ton hydrogen-based shaft furnace·The highest lifting height in China - 112 meters vertical lifting sidewall conveyor belt supplier
    Replaced the imported vertical sidewall conveyor belt for National Energy Group Yongzhou Power Plant
    Won the title of "Leader" enterprise in corrugated sidewall conveyor belt standard
    Started the third phase expansion of the production base and expanded to 10 production lines for loose profiles
    Drafting unit of 《Green Low Carbon Product Evaluation Plan Rubber Conveyor Belt》 standard

  • 2022

    Won the 2022 Yantai Smart Factory Digital Workshop
    Integrated chevron belt successfully entered the Canadian market
    Long length ST6300 sidewall conveyor belt in operation
    The airflow dust suppression system helped Bao Steel, Zhanjiang pass the acceptance of unorganized ultra-low emissions


Innovation and Improvement

  • 2021

    Evaluated as a specialized and special new enterprise by Shandong Province
    Completed three system certifications (ISO9001/IS045001/ISO14001)
    Participated in the formulation of five industry standards and one national standard related to conveyor belts
    The airflow dust suppression product has been rated as the only and leading technology product in China by Shandong Torch Productivity Center
    Breakthrough progress has been made in the research and development of vertical lifting belt solutions for large depths (lifting heights above 100 meters)
    Successful operation of two vertical anti-stick conveyor belts in Guangzhou Rail Transit
    11 vertical lifting shaft platforms of the Pearl River Delta Water Resources were put into operation, with a lifting height of 70 meters and remarkable anti-stick effect.

  • 2020

    Breakthrough in R & D of anti-stick & easy-to-clean Sidewall Conveyor Belts, and successfully applied in the Pearl River Delta water diversion project
    Xinhua News Agency and CCTV carried out publicity reports on the technical products of Sidewall Conveyor Belt.
    The only supplier of the sidewall belting for Metso in China
    Successful operation of the airflow dust suppression project in Shenhua Group
    Became a strategic partner of China Railway Equipment Group and jointly develop composite vertical lifting sidewall conveyor belts

  • 2019

    Shortlisted for China's technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises
    Completed knowledge product standard implementation system certification
    Participated in drafting of the industry standard 《TBM Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt》
    Became the only Chinese supplier of the sidewall belting for TATA steel
    Completed more than 5 million dynamic fatigue test for sidewall belting in USA, surpassing the international leading level
    Successful operation of Vertical Conveyor Belt in Qingdao metro line 1 and line 4


Deepen Development

  • 2018

    Smooth operation of the first phase of Haiyang Mingshuo Machinery Production Base
    Replacing well-known German brand belting in India's leading cement plant
    Successful operation of Vertical Conveyor Belt in Japan and Dubai metro
    Successful operation of Vertical Conveyor Belt in Beijing Metro Line 12

  • 2017

    Smooth performance of the maximum capacity of 2,350 TPH
    Upgraded the equipment automation in line with the ranks of the world's advanced brands
    Expanded the production capacity by investment of Haiyang facility

  • 2016

    Exported to 32 countries and regions, focusing on the middle and high-end market
    Successfully shortlisted by China Baowu Group and Shanghai Huayi Group

  • 2015

    Completed a full range of automation equipment upgrading, doubling production capacity
    Successfully entered to the Americas and Middle East markets


Founding Breakthrough

  • 2014

    Completed a full set of loose profiles production with European molds

  • 2012

    QBF rubber was established, leading the industry of the Sidewall Conveyor Belting production

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