Filter Conveyor Belt

Filter Conveyor Belt

Filter belts are designed to separate solids and liquids. This can also be accompanied by rinsing, leaching or acid washing. Construction of filter belts consists of lateral grooves with holes in the center of the belt from which the liquid escapes.



Product Overview

Product Series

■ Normal Abrasion-resistant

■ Heat-resistant

■ Acid & Alkali-resistant

■ Oil-resistant


■ Belt features low elongation under constant load and excellent resistance to deformation.

■ Belt has low elongation rate during operation.

■ Quality high strength polyester fabrics are used as the carcass, resistant to acid/alkali, heat and oil.

■ Continuous rinsing, leaching, siphoning and filter blanket recycle can be achieved, which enables high efficiency and productivity, excellent washing effect and high operating flexibility.

■ Belt is available to be incorporated with sidewalls by hot vulcanization with high adhesion.


■ Width : 0~4800 mm  

■ Length : 20~200m  

■ Thickness: 20~50 mm  

■ Top Cover Rubber: 10~30mm  

■ Bottom Cover : 5~15 mm  


 Filter conveyor belt are widely used in thermal power plants (flue gas desulfurization), chemical, smelting, mineral processing, petroleum, food, mining, alumina and papermaking industries for process filtration.

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