Steel Industry

The main production process of iron and steel industry is that raw materials are transported to ironmaking, sintering, coking, pelletizing workshops, etc. Metallurgical raw materials need to rely on conveyor belts for transportation during the transit process. However, due to the high temperature and high density of materials transported in the iron and steel industry, it is easy to occur such phenomena as rapid aging speed of belts, easy fracture of heads, separation and cracking, etc., facing pain points such as short service life of belts, frequent downtime replacement, limited production capacity, etc.

Bairuifu continuously optimizes product structure and rubber formula for special working conditions of steel industry, providing high temperature resistance for the industry.| easy to clean| Long-life and other product solutions provide more cost-effective and efficient solutions and full-cycle service systems for the stable operation of metallurgical material conveying systems.

Bairuifu designed 112 meters vertical lifting flange belt for Baowu Group Zhanjiang Iron and Steel R & D, creating a new high in China's vertical lifting conveyor system, changing the situation that high-end flange belt depends on imports, bringing cost reduction and efficiency application value for localization application!

As a full life cycle service provider of bulk material conveying system, Bairuifu airflow dust suppression system has provided ultra-low emission solutions for Baowu Group Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, Shaoguan Iron and Steel and other leading enterprises in the industry, achieving excellent dust removal effect!

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