Power Industry

As an important field to achieve the "double carbon" goal, the low-carbon development of the power industry plays a vital role in achieving the "double carbon" goal.

In view of the characteristics of high operation efficiency and large conveying capacity required by coal conveying system in power industry, Bairuifu can customize and provide large capacity (~2500TPH), large inclination angle (90° vertical lifting), large lifting height (~450 meters), anti-sticking coal and other side belt products by drawing lessons from foreign excellent technology and technology and combining domestic production technology conversion on localization site.

As a special conveyor belt, localization is an effective measure to ensure long-term stable coal supply in power plants. Bairuifu carried out localization design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of 200m vertical lifting corrugated belt conveyor for Guoneng Group, completed localization replacement of vertical lifting corrugated belt conveyor, and improved reliability, stability and economy of vertical lifting corrugated belt conveyor.

Under the background of the national "double carbon" strategy, many coal conveying systems of power companies are faced with complex conditions of long distance, high traffic volume, large turn and closed transportation.

At the same time, in view of the poor transfer environment, high environmental protection requirements, large energy consumption and high dust removal input cost of the coal transfer station of the power plant, Bairuifu can provide efficient energy-saving and green dust removal solutions. The airflow dust suppression system can reduce the material scattering and dust emission to the greatest extent, helping many power plants such as Guoneng Group and Shaanxi Investment Group to realize the on-site dust control within 8mg/m³, reaching the ultra-low emission standard.

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