Water Conservancy Industry

In the shield construction of water conservancy projects, the conveyor belt slag conveying system often faces pain points such as high slag viscosity, difficult unloading efficiency, serious return belt material, and high difficulty in cleaning the surface of the conveyor belt. In view of the clay cleaning difficulties of tunnel projects, water conservancy projects and other conveying systems, the R & D team goes deep into the Pearl River Delta front line and obtains technical breakthrough achievements through field soil sampling, experimental analysis, formula research and development, and continuous optimization and adjustment in combination with international advanced cases. Self-unloading new flange belt conveyor belt through the national independent intellectual property certification.

The anti-adhesion and easy-to-clean edge belt has been put into market application since 2019. It has been successfully applied in many major water conservancy projects at home and abroad such as Dubai Water Conservancy Project, Pearl River Delta Water Diversion Project, Hanji Wei River Diversion Project, etc. The viscous slag removal efficiency is 50%-80% higher than that of traditional high-inclination belt, which has excellent advantages in solving low slag removal efficiency, improving construction efficiency, prolonging service life of belt and reducing operation cost.

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