Cement Industry

Cement production involves quarry, raw material limestone, clinker, and cement. Transportation between each production process requires conveyor belts.

QBF can customize the impact resistant and cutting resistant conveyor belt through the impact resistant surface of rubber compound material and the buffer performance of carcass material, to extend the service life. It is easy to cause impact damage to the conveyor belt and reduce service life of the conveyor belt in the quarry due to the large and irregular angular ore.

QBF can customize the design of long-distance conveyor belts with excellent wear resistance according to on-site working conditions. It needs to be transported from the mine to the cement plant over a long distance after limestone is crushed.

QBF’s impact resistant and tear resistant conveyor belts with excellent fatigue resistance, impact resistance and tear resistance are widely used in the cement industry. In the cement stockyard, stackers and conveyors are used for material transportation and stacking. In this environment, the transportation distance is short and the transportation speed is fast. The impact and wear of the limestone on the conveyor belt is greater.

QBF can provide customized durable conveyor belts with better temperature resistance. In the process of calcining clinker, the temperature of the cement clinker is too high, and there is even a red material phenomenon, which can easily burn the conveyor belt and cause the rubber on the surface of the conveyor belt to age.

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