Anti-stick Conveyor Belt

Anti-stick Conveyor Belt

Our anti-stick conveyor belt uses special rubber compound to effectively prevent material material carryback. During usage, the belt continuously produces anti-stick materials, resulting in “lotus effect” so as to prevent sticking on the surface.



Product Overview


■ Reduce the usage of traditional metal belt cleaner.

■ Sticky materials residue rate is decreased by 50~80%.

■ Reduce material carryback effectively, saving the cost for belt cleaning and maintenance.

■ Improve work efficiency significantly.

■ Increase conveyor belt service life.

■ Lower operation cost and risk.


The anti-stick conveyor belts are applicable to wet and sticky bulk materials such as sediment, chemical powder, clay, plaster and coal in tunneling, hydraulic engineering, chemical, concrete and mining industries.

Application Cases

■ Hydraulic project - Pearl River Delta water diversion project

■ Hydraulic project- Dubai Water Conservancy Project

■ Tunnel Engineering - Russian Metro

■ Tunnel Engineering -Shenzhen Metro

■ Tunnel Engineering-Guangzhou Metro

■ Metallurgy——Baowu Group ,Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Plant

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