Heat-resistant Conveyor Belt

Heat-resistant Conveyor Belt

Heat-resistant conveyor belts are designed to handle hot materials. The cover rubber is specially compounded to resist to high temperature and abrasion during the conveying process.



Product Overview

Product Series

■ Carcass Materials: EP Heat-resistant conveyor belt, ST heat-resistant conveyor belt

■ Operating Temperature

T1: ≦100℃

T2: ≦125℃

T3: ≦150℃

T4: ≦180℃

■ Others: For higher temperatures, please contact us for customization according to on-site conditions.


■ Excellent high temperature resistance, heat aging resistance and ozone aging resistance

■ Good weather resistance and chemical resistance

■ High adhesion strength

■ Good troughability and smooth conveying

■ Long service life


■ Heat-resistant conveyor belts are mainly applied in metallurgy, cement, casting, power, building materials and chemical

■ industries for conveying high-temperature materials such as sinter, coke, steel casting and cement clinker, etc.

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