Ultra-wide Conveyor Belt

Ultra-wide Conveyor Belt

Our ultra-wide conveyor belts are tailored to meet customers’ applications with excellent straightness and large conveying capacity which delivers high efficiency and economy.



Product Overview


Excellent straightness  

■ Integrally hot vulcanized

■ No joint (fabric joint only)

■ Higher conveying capacity and efficiency

■ High carcass modulus, good fatigue resistance, flexural resistance and troughability

■ Ultra abrasion-resistant cover with good elasticity and impact resistance and long service life

■ Maximum belt width up to 4800mm

Product Series

■ Normal Abrasion-resistant Belt

■ Heat-resistant Belt

■ Acid & Alkali-resistant Belt

■ Oil-resistant Belt

■ Flame-retardant Belt

■ High Abrasion-resistant Belt


Our ultra-wide conveyor belts are applicable to long distance, high conveying capacity and large lump bulk material handling in steel, power, coal, mining and grain industries.

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