Open-pit Mining

With the continuous promotion of green concept and "double carbon" policy, and the increasingly obvious trend of scale and intensification of aggregate production line, gravel and mining company has an increasingly urgent need to increase production capacity. Therefore, the requirements of mining company design unit for conveyor belt speed are becoming faster and faster, and for body wear coefficient, impact resistance, and cutting resistance caused by different lithology are getting higher and higher. "How to reduce costs and increase efficiency to achieve high-quality development" is an issue that many gravel and mining companies attach great importance to. How to reduce logistics costs to improve the market competitiveness of company is a top priority. Long-distance conveyor belt with large transportation capacity, low emission, safety and reliability have become the first choice for mining company.   

Characteristics: large transportation capacity, variety, narrow lane, different transportation distance, complex route, short visible distance, complex operation, difficult maintenance and overhaul, and high safety requirements.

Solutions: QBF has R&D and improved the entire industry chain in terms of raw material, carcass material, and conveyor design and selection, including reasonable selection based on conveyor length, process location, conveying accessories, and conveyor belt to achieve a longer overall service life , minimize energy consumption and reduce later maintenance costs.

In addition, QBF can selectively design full-corridor long-distance transportation by grasping the complexity of the terrain to reduce the transportation costs and environmental protection costs for mining company, in view of the problems such as road pressure, high costs, and serious environmental damage caused by long-distance transportation.

QBF's 920 meters sidewall conveyor belt is the longest single length, which has been successfully used in Mexican silver mines, solving the problem of single length limitation in the industry and providing client with efficient transportation and stable service life product solutions.

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