The Heaviest XST6300 Sidewall Conveyor Belt For Mexico Mine!

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It has been of great challenge for steep inclined sidewall conveyor belt when heavy duty applications.

To extend the sidewall belting life and to minimize the force of the bend pulley on the steel cord, QBF has innovated by "MAGIC" technical designation to prevent the steel cord from being pulled out or broken due to excessive force, thus achieve the effect of prolonging the service life. The "MAGIC" sidewall belting has contributed to heavy duty safe and long-life time performance.

After 3 months of production and transportation, one of the longest sidewall belting with the high tensile strength has safely arrived at the job site which used in opencast project.

Sidewall belting of QBF applied in opencast industry creates a new innovation of open -pit mine, largely improves the efficiency.


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