China's First Million-Ton Hydrogen-Based Shaft Furnace Was Successfully Ignited!

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China's First Million-Ton Hydrogen-Based Shaft Furnace was Successfully Ignited and Put into Production. QBF is Equipped with the 112-Meter Vertical Lifting Sidewall Conveyor Belt with the Highest Conveying Height in China!

In December 2023, China's first million-ton hydrogen-based shaft furnace project constructed by China Baowu was successfully ignited and put into operation in Zhanjiang, Guangdong. This is China's largest industrial production of direct reduced iron(DRI) using multiple gas sources and ultimately achieving full hydrogen industrialization.

The shaft furnace promotes the transformation of traditional "carbon metallurgy" into new "hydrogen metallurgy". Its successful commissioning is a key step for Baowu Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to build "the world's most efficient and competitive green carbon steel manufacturing base" and marks the direction of China's steel industry.

The green and low-carbon transformation has once again taken an exemplary and iconic step.

As a professional brand of European standard long-life sidewall belts, QBF independently developed and designed a 112-meter vertical lifting sidewall conveyor belt for Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, setting a new high in China's vertical lifting conveyor system, changing the situation of high-end sidewall belts being dependent on imports, and demonstrating the innovation and power of China’s intelligent manufacturing!

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